Puzzle Book Mastery Review - How To Create And Sell Puzzle And Activity Books On Amazon 

Puzzle Book Mastery is a cloud-based software and video training to create puzzles, puzzle books, and activity books in minutes and sell on Amazon and other markets, and make huge passive income.
Puzzle Book Mastery is a cloud-based puzzle book software and video training to create puzzles, puzzle books, and activity books in minutes and sell on Amazon and other online marketplaces, and make huge passive income.
PuzzleBookMastery is a proprietary software that includes training you can access anywhere, with solid business model and passive profits. With Puzzle Book Mastery, you do not need a website, or special skills to create puzzles and puzzle books. 

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Unique Points About Puzzle Book Mastery

  • People love puzzle books
  • The market for puzzle books is hot 
  • Puzzles are evergreen 4th quarter sales 
  • Perfect for both the beginners and professionals
  • With this cloud software, you can create puzzle books in seconds
  • No cost to publish 
  • There is no software like this anywhere 
  • This is unlike all those other low content programs that require you to publish hundreds of books 
  • Created by a professional software developer with 20 years experience 
  • Created by a professional author with years of publishing experience
  • Proprietary software and training included
  • Cloud based, access anywhere 
  • Solid business model with passive profits 
  • No list, website, or special skills needed 
  • Works with both free and paid traffic 
  • Make unlimited puzzle books  for adults
  • Make puzzle books for kids
  • No monthly fees to create new puzzle books
  • Easy to publish on Amazon's Kindle Print platform for free
  • Puzzle Book Mastery system accepts full commercial use

Puzzle Book Mastery Upsell And OTOs

The market for puzzle books is hot and, with this cloud-based software, you have real profits online reviews. You can create puzzle and activity books.  You will learn how to publish a puzzle book, and sell on Amazon and other marketplaces for profit. In a recent case study, a publisher had a net profit of $249.77 in a day, just from one book. 

This is a true passive income. People love puzzle books! And, you can harness this opportunity to publish puzzle books on Amazon and generate huge profits. 

Puzzle Book Mastery Launch Price

The price stated here is the early birds-price. The product creator may increase the price soon. Take action today, and get this software at the minimal price. Click any of the buy button to get yours from the official website before the price goes up.

Front End Product ($27 Standard Level)

The front end product has limited use and limited features of the software. You can easily make puzzle books at this standard level. There are three puzzles types (word search, cryptogram, sudoku). You can use the software only 100 times per calendar month. 

Upsell OTO 1 ($37 Pro Level) 

This upsell provides unlimited use (no limits on how many books can be generated). There are two additional puzzle types (word match, word scramble). This also includes niche research, Amazon ads training, and ability to put headers on the pages (branding).  

Upsell OTO 2 ($67 Master Level)

This upsell provides activity book training and advanced output. Activity books are a natural extension of puzzle books. The advanced output feature gives members full control of how to format their puzzles.

Puzzle Book Mastery WalkThrough Video

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Kate Metu
"Overall, this puzzle software is fantastic! I have a very valuable product on my hands! There has always been a problem creating puzzle books - It's hard to make them! But now, problem solved! With the Puzzle Book Mastery software, the heavy lifting is done for me."

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Daniel Wearne

"This helps me save lots of time in creating puzzles like word matches, word searches, sudoku, and cryptograms. It used to take me weeks to put one of these books together. Now it took minutes. Thank you! I already published several books using this program."

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Tina Krueger
 "Besides making it easy to make the puzzle books, now I understand what makes a good book. Thanks for all the tips. This is an amazing program. So simple and effective."


Puzzle Book Mastery Frequently Asked Questions

What type of computer do I need?

Doesn't matter. The only thing required is a connection to the internet. This is cloud based - a website on the internet.  

I don't know anything about puzzles? Can I still use this?

Of course! No previous knowledge is needed. The training shows you everything, and the software creates the puzzles.

How much does it cost to publish a book on Amazon?

It doesn't cost anything. Amazon's Kindle Print platform is free to use. You will need to setup an account on Amazon so you can receive royalties from your book sales.

What types of puzzles can I make?

This initial product allows you to make word search, cryptograms, and sudoku puzzles. There are further puzzle types offered in the upsells, which are shown after the initial purchase.

Will I be charged any monthly fees?

No, there are none.

Are these eBooks?

 No. Ebooks are digital. You can turn these into eBooks but that makes it difficult for people to do the puzzles. Instead make print books. Amazon has the KDP Print platform. Basically you upload the PDF the system creates along with a cover you create or hire someone to make.

What physical size are create with this software?

The software automates making books that are 8.5 x 11 inches. The books are PDFs which can be imported into other software and resized.  

Are there any upsells?

Yes. Everything you need to start is in the main package. The first upsell allows you to make unlimited puzzles, includes 2 extra puzzle types, and includes additional training. The second upsell includes an export option that allows using the puzzles in other programs for full formatting control. Also there is high level training about how to make activity books (very much in demand!)

How many puzzles or puzzle books can I make?

This initial product allows you to make 100 books per month. Each book can have hundreds of puzzles. The first upsell, which is presented right after the initial purchase, offers unlimited use.  

Can I make children's books with this software?

Yes. Although this version of Puzzle Books Mastery is focused on adult level puzzles (word search in particular), the rest of the puzzles can create levels that are easy for child to use.

Can I make foreign language with this software?

No. The software currently supports only the English alphabet. Specifically, letters with accents, tildes, etc. are not supported and will cause odd results in the generated books.  

Do I have to pay for advertising?

You do not need to buy advertising when publishing books on Amazon. It is recommended to try it as it will bring faster sales.  

Does the software create large print puzzles?

Amazon defines large print as having a font size of 16 points or larger. The output from the software varies per puzzle type. Cryptograms are large print. Word search puzzle grids are large print, while the search words themselves and the answer grids are not. Sudoku puzzles are large print while the answer grids are not. Research shows that books with similar font size configurations are being marketed on Amazon as large print. This is a subjective decision you must make whether to market your books as large print. Outside of Amazon, the output is fine to call large print.

What is your refund policy?

You have 30 days to get a 100% refund.

How can I get support?

You can get support in the members area after the purchase. Click the button below to visit Puzzle Book Mastery official website to make your purchase.
Puzzle Book Mastery is a puzzle book making software to make puzzle and activities books. This is a puzzle software that helps users to create puzzle books and sell on Amazon. Visit Puzzle Book Mastery website to buy Puzzle book mastery today.
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