is a domain name that evokes a sense of power, innovation and brightness. The name is a combination of "solar" and "tron" which could have multiple connotations. It could symbolize the energy and power of the sun, or the futuristic, digital world of "Tron". The name also has a short, 7 letter, 2 syllable structure which makes it easy to remember and brand. 

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Potential Users Of

Solar energy companies

The root word "solar" suggests a connection to solar energy, making an ideal domain name for companies in the renewable energy industry. 

Technology companies

The name Soltron evokes a sense of innovation and futurism, making it a great fit for technology companies that want to position themselves as cutting-edge.

Fitness companies

The name can also be interpreted as a combination of "soul" and "tron", suggesting a focus on wellness and fitness. This makes it a good option for companies in the health and wellness space.

Travel companies

The name could also be interpreted as a combination of "sol" (sun) and "tron" (electronic), suggesting an intersection between nature and technology. This could make it a good fit for travel companies that focus on eco-tourism or adventure travel.

About us

We are Soltron company

We have been a trendsetter on the solar energy market over 10 years.

What we do
Although focus on high-tech production of highly efficient solar panels using the most cutting edge technology available, we also develop and install solar power plants and conduct photovoltaics research.
Our goal
Create innovative solutions to pave the way for abundant energy for future generations. That is the reason we spend big dollar on R&D.
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Take a leap

Migration to solar energy is important.
Here are just a few reasons:

Save on bills
Electricity bills are on the rise
It's hip

Coal energy damages environment. If you place on your roof a solar panel made somewhere else you can pretend you help protect your environment!

24/7 support
We'll help you every step of the way, even if the sun doesn't shine!

Why choose us?


We install solar panels everywhere: your roof, garden, carport or even your hard hat!

Certified seller

We are registered as certified seller of major solar panel manufacturers.


Various financing options.

Our advantage

You will enjoy:

Appreciable savings even after the first month
Independence from the local grid and rising prices
Tax relief for your solar power investment

Completed projects

We are capable of completing projects of any scale, any customer preference. Our services include, among others, design, construction and installation.

7 kW
Suburb area
5 kW
5 kW
11 MW
Car factory
30 kW
Railroad station
30 MW
Solar power plant

We are recognized internationally!

We have grown from a national solar power design and installation company into a source of solar power solutions available worldwide.

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Meet our happy customers!

We are proud to say this: one hundred percent of our customers (some are real tough ones, mind you) are satisfied with our service! 

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